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Chartered Accountants

Work out exactly what you will get charged in advance

RJ Accountancy offer fixed fee accountancy services for companies and individuals with rates starting at £99 for a self assessment return.  Corporation tax return fees start at £60 for accounts of a low turnover company plus a £150 filing fee.  VAT of 20% should be added to all of our fees.

We have a fixed fee schedule based on the requirements of your business and your turnover. Separate fees are charged for accounts preparation, filing of tax returns, VAT and PAYE.  You will only be charged for the services you need.  See a full breakdown of all of our fees below.

For example a business with turnover of £23,678 would be in the band £20,000 to £30,000 and so be charged £180 for accounts preparation work.  Please note that the turnover is the gross amount including VAT.

Business Accounts Preparation

For a company we charge a £150 fee plus the business accounts fee depending on company turnover. The fee includes filing companies house accounts and CT600 corporation tax return.  Company directors may require individual tax returns if they have dividend income from the company.  


Fixed Fee Schedule


Fee rate

£0k to £10,000

£60 + VAT

£10,000 to £20,000

£120 + VAT

£20,000 to £30,000

£180 + VAT

£30,000 to £40,000

£240 + VAT

£40,000 to £55,000

£300 + VAT

£55,000 to £70,000

£360 + VAT

£70,000 to £100,000

£420 + VAT

£100,000 to £130,000

£480 + VAT

£130,000 to £160,000

£540 + VAT

£160,000 to £200,000

£600 + VAT

£200,000 to £250,000

£660 + VAT

£250,000 to £300,000

£720 + VAT

£300,000 to £400,000

£780 + VAT

£400,000 to £500,000

£840 + VAT

£500,000 to £600,000

£900 + VAT

£600,000 to £700,000

£960 + VAT

£700,000 to £800,000

£1020 + VAT

£800,000 to £900,000

£1080 + VAT

£900,000 to £1,000,000

£1140 + VAT

£1,000,000 to £1,100,000

£1200 + VAT

Others on request


Fee rate


£150 + VAT

VAT Returns

Fees for preparing and submitting VAT returns are charged per return.  Therefore if a business has annual turnover of 92,318 and doing quarterly returns it would be charged £100 per quarter and £400 per year for VAT work.

Annual turnover

Fee rate per return

£0 to 100,000

£100 + VAT

£100,000 to 200,000

£150 + VAT

£200,000 to 400,000

£200 + VAT

Others on request

Our PAYE service is available if you are using us for year end accounting or VAT work.

We can also offer payroll for regular employees.  Fees are based on a fixed charge per reporting date (eg, monthly) and an additional fee per employee.

Directors are normally paid a monthly salary to make use of personal tax allowances.

PAYE reporting is time sensitive, it is easy to get penalties if reporting is not completed on time.  Many businesses do not need to register for PAYE so reporting may not be required.  

Rental Properties

Fee rate

Annual charge per property

£25 + VAT

For a basic tax return with PAYE income, dividend income, interest income or pensions.  Separate additional fees are charged if business accounts are required or property rental income calculations.

Individual Self Assessment Tax Returns


Fee rate

Self assessment tax return

£99 + VAT


Fee rate

Annual charge per director


Fees for rental properties are charged annually per property included on the tax return.  These fees are in addition to the standard £99 for a self assessment tax return..  

If you share the ownership of a property you will only be charged once. Eg, husband and wife own 2 properties and both require self assessment tax returns.  Fees are 2 x £25 plus 2 x £99 = £248 plus VAT total fees.

Retired school teacher with pension and interest income. £99 for self assessment return. Total fees £99 plus VAT.

Investor with 2 rental properties and interest income.  £99 for self assessment return and £50 for 2 rental properties.  Total fees £149 plus VAT.

Sole-trader plumber with £17k turnover.  £99 self assessment tax return and £120 for his business accounts preparation (£10k to £20k turnover).  Total fees £219 plus VAT.

Limited company with £150k turnover (does his own VAT and PAYE). £540 for business accounts and £150 filing fee.  Total fees £550 plus VAT.

Limited company with £260k turnover and requires VAT and PAYE for 2 directors.  £720 for business accounts and £150 filing fee. £200 per quarter for VAT returns so £800 per year. £60 x 2 for directors PAYE. Total fees £1790 plus VAT.


Fee Structure Examples

Cloud Accounting Services

Record Keeping

We appreciate that our fees are relatively low compared to other Chartered Accountants.

In order to provide these low fee rates we do require that records are well maintained and the information provided to is accurate and delivered on a timely basis.

If your records are in poor order we may look for additional fees to complete the necessary bookkeeping work to get them upto date.

We provide cloud accounting services based on your businesses specific needs.  Because of the wide range of options here we struggle to provide a menu of services and costs.  

You may wish us to review your own cloud bookkeeping work on a regular basis or you may wish us to do all of your bookkeeping for you.  Reviews may occur on a monthly basis or perhaps quarterly to coincide with VAT quarters.

Our packages can include the subscription costs which may help to bring the total cost of the package down.  Our software partners include Quickbooks, Xero and Kashflow along with any or the other providers.

There may be some upfront additional costs required to set up cloud accounting services.  These tend to be on an hourly basis.  We will aim to give a rough idea of time/cost and keep you updated if the level of work required changes at the earliest opportunity.

Sometimes the work we do can flow into complex tax planning matters which take up additional time than we make allowance for in our above fee schedules.  

If it looks like we are spending significant time on tax planning we will make you aware of this at the earliest opportunity and ideally at the initial meeting. We would look for extra fees based on the tax planning work required.

Tax Planning

For a partnership we charge a £50 fee for the individual partnership returns along with the business accounting fee and the cost of individual self assessment returns as shown above.



Fee rate


£50 + VAT

Invoicing and Payment Terms

If we are preparing year end accounts or quarterly VAT returns we normally issue an invoice at the point where we issue draft numbers.

We then go through a review process and identify any potential issues and this is followed by obtaining approval that the numbers are ready to be submitted.

At that stage all numbers are prepared to be submitted and we look for payment prior to actual submission.  The final submission normally can take place on the same or following day and we can provide confirmation that submissions have been accepted.

Occasionally we are approached to do work which is outside of the normal fixed fee schedule items.  A fixed fee for this type of work can normally be provided on request. If that is not possible we may be able to consider charging at an hourly rate.

Other work

Incomplete work

We may be approached to take on work at a fixed fee and the work is started but not completed due to changes in the client circumstances.  If this occurs we may look to invoice part of the agreed fixed fee based upon the level of completion of the work.